Rogers, Gray: River Cafe Cook Book Easy

Rogers, Gray: River Cafe Cook Book Easy


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Аннотация к книге «River Cafe Cook Book Easy»
Paperback edition of the pioneering and highly successful River Cafe Cook Book Easy
With River Cafe Cook Book Easy Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers pioneered a new approach to cooking and eating. Knowing that people lead busy and demanding lives, they made their innovative recipes even more accessible to those who love good food but have little time to prepare it. Recognising that the key to quick cooking is often in the ease of buying the ingredients, the recipes highlight the fresh produce you will need to shop for as well as the ingredients that are store cupboard essentials. Rose and Ruth then take you through simplified steps to cook great dishes that are bursting with flavour and style.
To complement this new concept, the book has a fresh, dynamic design and superb photographs that will delight both new and established fans. Like River Cafe ‘graduates’ — most famously Jamie Oliver — you can learn the secrets of cooking fabulous food, but now it’s even easier.



Rogers Ruth


Ebury Press


870 г


247x191x23 мм

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